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Stream in HD There’s a famous movie quote from The Big Lebowski, “I liked that rug, it really tied the room together.” That’s what a great rug does. It doesn’t have to be an expensive Persian import to make you feel at home. A great rug is something personal. You consider it a piece of art that you place on the floor and walk all over. All Green Carpet Clean Upper Marlboro, MD treats your home rugs like a piece of art no matter how much you paid for it or where you bought it. We will clean your area rugs, runners, rug pads made from all types of materials with care so you can have them last a lifetime or more. All Green technicians undergo rigorous training and hold the prestigious IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration) Certification and the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval. Upper Marlboro, MD residents trust their precious items with All Green Upper Marlboro, MD Carpet Clean Upper Marlboro, MD.

Highly Skilled Cleaning Technician Upper Marlboro, MD

Rug cleaning is unlike carpet cleaning in that we can transport the rug as to not disturb your daily life. Simply contact the friendly team at All Green Upper Marlboro, MD and we will arrange for pick up of your rugs. Once they are thoroughly cleaned and dried we will package them and deliver them back to your location. We can also have the entire process completed at your office or residence. The choice is yours at All Green Carpet Clean Upper Marlboro, MD.

We bring a full line of products and equipment that makes us a smart choice among the rug cleaners anywhere. We provide the highest quality service with extremely quick response time. Rug cleaning services often require advanced scheduling before arrival, but we will be there within a day’s notice in most cases.

Restore & beautify your rug back to near perfection Upper Marlboro, MD

Rugs come in a variety of styles and fabrics. We specialize in Persian and Oriental rugs because these are the most expensive items many homes own. When you want to restore and beautify your home rug back to near perfection, call All Green Carpet Clean Upper Marlboro, MD and experience the reinvigorating joy of a clean rug.

All of our technicians are trained to act in a professional manner and effectively clean away dirt and stains. We have equipment that checks for damages before we begin. Since we are local, we offer top prices as well. We love meeting new people in our community and look forward to helping you keep your carpets and rugs as clean as possible.

The Rug Cleaning Process Upper Marlboro

Every rug cleaning starts with an examination and assessment. We need to know what type of material and process was implemented in its creation. This will guarantee the protection of the rug. We make note of any stains from foot traffic or spills. The cleaning most often begins with a commercial grade vacuum that lifts any dirt particles up and allows the fibers to breathe. We treat and stains and the overall cleaning of your rugs with our natural solutions that are both safe for human and pet health and environmentally friendly. When needed, we will apply a special cleaner to each strand of the fringe by hand.

All Green Carpet Clean Upper Marlboro, MD can usually pick up your rugs for cleaning within a day if you’re in Upper Marlboro, MD.

Our organic solvents are effective, yet kind to the environment. You can feel good about your beautiful spotlessly clean rugs, knowing that you have chosen to have them cleaned by the best and safest possible solution for Oriental rug cleaning, Persian rug cleaning or any area rug cleaning. We rinse the rug thoroughly to remove every trace of dirt and solvent, then we use a special process to dry the rug quickly to prevent the possibility of mold or mildew. If you like, we can even apply an optional long-lasting antimicrobial finish that prevents damage for pet stains or food spills. We can also apply a Scotch Guard coating to prolong the beauty of your carpet and to prevent stains from penetrating the fibers.

If you’re in a rush, don’t panic.  All Green Carpet Clean Upper Marlboro, MD is top rated on Angie’s List, so you know we are experts at area rug cleaning.
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Shaked Megidish

I was running on a budget and I needed to get my carpets cleaned for a low price. I came across all green carpet clean and they have good specials to people who are on a budget. I was able to get my whole house cleaned for a really good price. Not only the price was amazing but the way my carpets looked after they were cleaned was amazing. I would recommend all carpet clean to everyone.

Shaked Megidish

Gowan Patricia

I called Ivan with a bit of an emergency and he was able to come within a few hours. He gave me two hour window and showed up as promised. He did a great job on the bedrooms, hallway and stairs. I highly recommend!!

Gowan Patricia

Thomas Herrison

Great experience to clean my sofa and carpets. I recommend them because they are punctual, professional, fast and affordable. I love the smell and it looks like new!

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