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Air Duct Cleaning Miami Florida

We specialize in all your residential and commercial Air Duct cleaning needs

An air duct is how your house circulates fresh air and heat. Over time, particles in the air gather within the air ducts, large amounts of dust and dirt accumulate within the duct tubes and at the base of the heating and ventilation units. This can lead to dangerous fire hazard as the hot air can become trapped and with the incredibly dry atmosphere of the dirt, catching on fire is only a matter of time before its occurance.

According to the advice from several local Miami, Florida Fire Departments, cleaning dirty air ducts on a regular basis could reduce more than 5% of all house fires.
Dealing with allergies is becoming an all too common occurrence. One significant way to reduce airborne allergens is with regular air duct cleanings. Dirt that becomes dispersed throughout the air you breathe, an annual cleaning will drastically reduce any mold, mildew, pet dander, pollen, household chemical residues.

When the heat or AC turns on, this potent mixture is blown into the air in your home where it can set off asthma attacks or other breathing difficulties, cause itchy watery eyes or just make life miserable for sensitive members of the household. HVAC cleaning should be performed at least annually in the Miami, Florida area to prevent the buildup of noxious dust.

Air Duct Cleaning Miami, Florida

Cleaning an air duct starts with a complete exhaust of the dryer unit. Our trustworthy technicians will remove any and all of the lint that accumulates in the conduit.

This will immensely reduce the potential of any fire hazard. In addition, you will save money drying laundry as the exhaust of the dryer unit will function at a much more optimal level. In fact, one-third of all fires are the cause of dirty dryer units. Removing the debris from the lint trap after every load is just one part to maintaining a safe home. Seeking professional dryer cleaning service on an annual basis is not just a cost-effective way to manage your home but a safety concern as well.

Regular cleaning and dusting of you home in the great Sunshine State can help maintain a safer neighborhood from any potential of fire damage.

Still, even the most rigorous DIY cleaning routine isn’t a match for the results you will get from a professional air duct cleaning and dryer exhaust cleaning session. Dusting simply redistributes much of the household dust, allowing it to resettle in your air ducts.

HVAC Cleaning Miami Florida

HVAC cleaning is another annual process that should be completed for each home by a professional service. The EPA recommends that you have air duct cleaning done if any of the following conditions apply:
● Ducts are clogged with excessive dirt, dust or debris
● Particles are released from the HVAC vents into the home
● Mold growth on the surface of the ducts
● Ducts that are infested with insects or vermin
Cleaning the air ducts and the dryer unit as well as the HVAC should be done at the same time. These units are connected. Otherwise you are exposing the newly cleaned unit to dirt particles from the uncleaned parts and the whole mess becomes a cycle that is harder to get rid of. All Green Carpet Clean Miami, Florida wants to save you time and money and be as minimally invasive to your home as possible. The EPA also recommends that you follow the guidelines of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) for cleaning and for a list of guidelines for choosing an air duct cleaning service.
The professionals at All Green Carpet Clean use a special tool to loosen the particulate matter and contaminants from the inside of your ductwork when performing air duct cleaning and HVAC cleaning. We follow this process by implementing a high powered vacuum that removes the debris from the ductwork, leaving the ducts clean and enabling the free flow of clean air.

Dryer Exhaust Cleaning

The best way to keep your laundry dryer unit functioning at its optimal level is with an annual cleaning. It will prove cost-effective for your budget and contribute to a much safer household. Plus, you will find your clothes dry quicker and you use less energy leading to saving time and money.
Clogged dryer vents run hotter because it is full of highly flammable substances. The excess heat generated by the dryer motor could spark a fire and it shortens the life of your laundry equipment.

 HVAC cleaning or an air duct cleaning, contact the friendly, Courteous professionals

Let the folks at All Green Carpet Clean Miami, Florida help with their industrial-grade tools to remove all the lint from your dryer during your dryer exhaust cleaning service. Our equipment does a way better job than you can do with a household or shop vacuum. Even so-called dryer exhaust cleaning kits sold at retail an online don’t have the power to do as good a job of dryer vent cleaning as our professional equipment.
If you think it’s time for a dryer exhaust cleaning, and HVAC cleaning or an air duct cleaning, contact the friendly, courteous professionals at All Green Carpet Clean Miami, Florida today.

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