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All Green Carpet Clean is a Top-rated
carpet cleaning company in South El Monte, CA

We have gained our professionalism through extensive training in the regular cleaning services and organic eco-friendly cleaning services we have provided, as well as our outstanding customer service.

Upholstery Cleaning South El Monte:
Trusted Carpet Cleaners in CA

We specialize in all your residential and commercial Upholstery cleaning needs

Thank you Boston, Massachusets for making All Green Carpet Clean Boston, Massachusets the #1 choice for upholstery cleaning. We look forward to many more years of helping Beantown maintain the cleanest furniture around. A comfy couch is more than just a piece of furniture. It is a companion piece to your life. You invite guests over to your home and ask them to take a seat. You relax and forget about the outside world while your body sinks into the davenport cushions. Cleaning the fabrics of many upholstery items can be tedious. Not only that, but consumer grade cleaning products do not restore the furniture as well as possible. All green Carpet Clean Boston, Massachusets helps you achieve the maximum clean with minimal effort. Our experienced technicians use the finest organic chemical solutions to renew your home and office upholstery for the cleanest, freshest feel and look. All Green Carpet Clean Boston, Massachusets is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), and carries the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval as well as the CleanTrust Certification. You know you’re in good hands.

Fabric Upholstery Cleaning South El Monte, CA

For fabric cleaning of your furniture including sofa cleaning, chair cleaning, recliner cleaning, and cushion cleaning we start with a thorough inspection for any stains and fabric requirements. Our experience working with almost every material known to man allows us to use the precise method to keep your upholstery at peak condition without diluting the original color. Our organic solvents will lift dirt better than many harsh chemical alternatives on the market. As the solution soaks out the dirt and debris from the fibers, we employ hot water to extract any remaining particles. After a complete dry of the fabric, we ensure all remaining water is removed and apply a Scotchgard coat for extra protection or an anti-microbial layer to prevent any future stains and reduce the spread of germs and allergens.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning South El Monte, CA

If you have ever tried to clean leather clothing, seats, or furniture than you understand how intricate the process can be. Don’t risk the leather to become brittle and dry or fade in color. Just as with any of our services, we begin with an examination of the piece for stains and color test, followed by a plan of attack using our environmentally safe solvents.

All Green Carpet Clean Boston, Massachusets uses special plant-based creams to treat and condition leather. This replenishes well-needed moistures that the leather requires to look and feel its best. It also removes any unwanted oils that contribute to darkened stains from wear and tear. The addition of a heat treating process helps the leather absorb the most it can from the moisture rich creams and adds a new sheen to your leather furniture that will make it look new again.

Mattress Cleaning South El Monte

Boston, Massachusets are no strangers to bedbugs. The life of many mattresses should extend past the average use. However, before the padding can wear out, many are forced to replace stain-ridded mattresses or parasite infested bed paddings due to improper maintenance. If you think about it, we spend more time on our mattresses than any other piece of furniture. This allows dead skin cells and debris to burrow themselves deep into the layers of the mattress and cause smelly odors to permeate. Not very good stuff to breathe in while you sleep. All Green Boston, Massachusets understand how a hygienic mattress can improve one’s life and health. That’s why we clean and sanitize both sides of the mattress. Something our competitors rarely commit to. This keeps the mattress cleaner for longer. Because we use all-natural cleaning solvents in all our processes, there is no danger of noxious fumes or hazardous chemicals. Your mattress is safe for use the very same night. A mattress cleaning takes about an hour to dry so relax and enjoy almost right after you make the bed again.

For all your home and office upholstery and furniture cleanings, All Green Carpet Clean Boston, Massachusets is here with the highest-skilled cleaning technicians and the best eco-friendly cleaning alternatives in town. Your fabrics will feel and look cleaner while being more hygienic and safer for the entire household. We can clean the items at your home or pick up and return with our delivery service. If you are looking for the best mattress, leather furniture, and fabric upholstery cleaners in Boston, Massachusets than you have come to the right place. All Green Carpet Clean Boston, Massachusets is 100% bonded and insured. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible service to every customer.

About Our Boston Upholstery Cleaning Service

Your upholstered furniture in your home, from armchairs to sofas, will often receive as much traffic as your carpeting and rugs do. They’re in use day after day, which can leave them stained and dirty. But you will no longer have to worry about these blemishes on your furniture. Our upholstery cleaning is safe for any kind of fabric, from the finest to the toughest of fibers. You will not have to waste your time and money on trying multiple kinds of different cleaners from stores or the internet. We will clean your upholstery right the first time, which means a longer life for your items. Not only will our cleaning services prolong the life of your furniture and other upholstered items, our professional cleaning reaches deep, which takes care of unseen particles that would require a premature cleaning.Our organic mattress cleaning process will clean your mattress and extract dust mites and their waste, remove dead skin cells, and remove stains and odors from your mattress – we have an all-natural, safe product to stop them from returning. It works very well and at a price that is easy on the wallet. We will clean and treat both sides of your mattress and it will dry in about 1 hour. Call us at (626) 788-5199 and we will give you a free estimate over the phone.

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