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Mold and Mildew Removal in Seattle, Washington

Your Seattle Mold and Mildew Removal Experts

To remove mold and mildew removal requires skilled professionals. By ignoring it, you can have risk serious health ramifications.

Where Does Mold Come From?

The growth of fungal and bacterial spores in the home is commonly referred to as mold. We can attract it in into our homes from the dirt outside and even the air. It can spread within the walls and keep out of site for years. It is a silent killer and many molds are toxic to breathe. Exposure to mold can be mildly irritating, causing a rash, itchy eyes and a scratchy throat—or it can be life threatening, causing asthma attacks even in people with no history of asthma. They spread larger until we get serious about treating them.

These organisms spread through airborne passages and require only the minimum amount of moisture to thrive. Mold will not simply die of during the winter time. Houses can infested with mold behind the walls and it is undetectable to the renter or home buyer in many situations. Before buying a house you should have a thorough inspection as well as monitoring the situation periodically.

Flooding and damp corners are obvious places for mold but there can be many parts of any home that can attract this organism to flourish. There are no beneficial health qualities to the types of molds that spread recklessly. The best way to ensure yourself that your home is mold-free is to contact a professional mold removal service.

What To Do If You Have Mildew or Mold in Your Home

As with flooding and any water damage, the first 48 hours is crucial to stop the mildew before it grows. Even if it is not apparently visible, we can offer a mildew and mold inspection and treatment plan that is right for your budget and will allow you to live in our home safely.

All Green Carpet Clean Seattle, Washington for mold removal, mold testing, mildew extraction, sofa cleaning, upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning if you suspect mold contamination. We can remove the items from your home for cleaning or clean them on site.

Do not apply bleach and hot water to remove mold or mildew. You run the risk of spreading the contamination to other parts of your home. Mold and mildew can come in black fuzzy patches with any almost coloration speckled throughout them If you see this then quickly call a professional mold removal service like All Green Carpet Clean Seattle, Washington immediately.

We can treat this as an emergency situation or schedule an appointment that works for you. If you are a landlord then renting a mold infested unit can be cause for liable. We can correct the mold problem and reduce any danger of the mold spreading spores through your home.

Mold Removal Must Be Completed By Professionals

You can not assume that the mold in your home can be removed simply by wiping it down or sectioning of and cleaning the affected area. These are airborne spores which are invisible to the naked eye as they dance in the air you breathe. Our technicians are certified to inspect and treat mold affected houses. We follow all protocol and abstain from using toxic chemicals which can do more damage than help. The trick with mold is to remove all possibility of future growth from this particular organism and advise the tenant on how to avoid future moisture build up and the return of any other molds.

Most Qualified Mold Remediation Specialists

All Green Carpet Clean Seattle, Washington has IICRC certified mold remediation specialists on staff in Seattle, Washington. These specialists have been trained in the proper techniques for mold and mildew removal, and they can eliminate the danger to your family’s health. We offer 24/7 emergency service in Seattle, Washington to help ensure your family’s health and safety.

Our goal is to remove all mold and mildew from your home and help you live in a sanitary environment. Our mold removal process begins with a thorough inspection of the premises. We then use the most sensitive detectors. You can not buy these at the hardware store and we know how to implement such devices. Many home mold detection kits require that you send samples to a lab. This can take up valuable time when moisture is helping the growth of harmful vapors throughout your home and breathing air.

In this time, All Green Seattle, Washington can inspect the sites of your home where the mold is residing. We know all the trouble areas and the solutions to handle each. The most common moisture cases involve a leaky pipe, roof leaks, loose windows, improper grading of the house foundation due to floods or erosion, excessive indoor humidity or a number of other factors.

Once moisture source has been removed and fixed, we are free to complete the remediation process and the mold will no longer be able to return or bring its unpleasant health concerns back into your home.

Eco Mold Remediation Process

We begin the process of mold remediation by protecting the health of the home’s occupants. Officially, in the CDC mold and mildew removal guidelines, protective clothing, including rubber boots and gloves, and an N-95 face mask as well as goggles should be worn during the inspection and mold remediation process.

Then, the affected area and the rest of the premises should be thoroughly examined to document the extent of the mold and to identify and correct the source of the moisture. Our mold remediation expert will apply a natural and biodegradable yet extremely powerful cleaner to the area with mold growth.

When the experts from All Green Carpet Clean Florida have finished the primary mold and mildew removal, we will scrub all nearby hard surfaces such as counters and tables with a brush to loosen and remove any airborne spores. We then rinse and dry the area completely to ensure all traces of mold are gone.

Remember, mold spreads within 48 hours of contact, so don’t delay, and mold and mildew removal is not a job for amateurs. Don’t risk your family’s health by allowing mold and mildew to remain in your Florida home. Contact All Green Carpet Clean Florida at the first sign of mold for careful, professional certified mold remediation services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the Florida area.

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