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All Green Carpet Clean is the Emerald City’s #1 choice for upholstery cleaning. With anticipation, we look forward to many more years of helping you maintain the cleanest furniture around.

One spill can ruin everything. When this happens to your furniture, you will need to treat the stain with foremost caution. Rubbing chemical solvents and a brush into the fibers can often do more damage than good. Most of us use of couches, sofas, and padded chairs with regular use. Maybe you have a special room just for entertaining guests that you forbid dark beverages from entering. Maybe you just want to spruce up your home; All Green Upholstery Seattle, Washington has the perfect solution for you. As experts, we truly recommend that you clean daily used upholstery on an annual basis to remove any buildup of dirt, gunk, bacteria, and mildew from the deep within the pads and on the surface of the fabric. We implement every cleaning with expert advice, equipment, and solutions to get your fabric back to near perfect condition. All Green Carpet Clean Seattle, Washington is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), and carries the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval as well as the CleanTrust Certification. You know you’re in good hands

Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Seattle, Washington

We start with analysis of your upholstered furniture. Each piece that you want to be cleaned needs to be well-marked and noted for stains. We also need to know what fabrics we are working with so we can ensure the best cleaning possible and protection of your furniture. We have years of experience working with all varieties of upholstery. This has made us proficient in sofa cleaning, chair cleaning, recliner cleaning, and cushion cleaning we start with a thorough inspection for any stains and fabric requirements. The experience we gained working amongst almost every material known to man allows us to use the precise method to keep your upholstery at peak condition without diluting the original color. We know the best places to perform color tests and can many times just look at the furniture and know exactly what the best methods will be to keep the pristine color of the fabric while removing any stains and dirt. We take extra caution with woodwork. Our organic solvents will lift dirt better than many harsh chemical alternatives on the market. As the solution soaks out the dirt and debris from the fibers, we employ hot water to extract any remaining particles. Then we dry the fabric to ensure all remaining water is removed. We can optionally apply a Scotchgard coat for extra protection or an anti-microbial layer to prevent any future stains and reduce the spread of harmful bacteria that can cause allergies.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Seattle, Washington

We also do leather. Nothing says opulence like a classy leather couch. Leather cleaning is not the best idea to perform on your own. Leather and suede are extremely volatile to solvents and liquids of any kind. Still, neglecting a proper cleaning and conditioning of the material might lead to brittle dried out substances that disperse particles into the air and will grow into large damaged holes over time. Don’t risk your leather to become brittle and dry or fade in color.

Just like any of our services, we begin with an examination of the piece for stains and color test, followed by a plan of attack using our environmentally safe solvents.

All Green Carpet & Leather Clean Seattle, Washington uses 100% plant-based creams to treat and condition the leather. This will replenish the look and feel of the leather with the proper type of moisturizers. It will also remove any unwanted oils. Body oils are often the leading factor of dark stains and lead to greater wear and tear. With the addition of a heat treating process helps the leather absorb the most it can from the moisture rich creams and adds a new sheen to your leather furniture that will make it look new again.

Mattress Cleaning Seattle

Most great mattresses have a 25 year warranty. This is to say that the manufacturer states their product will be usable for even longer than that. Sleeping on a comfortable mattress changes your sleeping and waking hours of your life. However, it is not just the strength of the springs and the cushion of the foam that helps you feel comfortable at night. The cleanliness of your mattress is what you breathe as you sleep. Make sure you keep your mattress up to it’s wonderful condition with a proper, professional cleaning from All Green Carpet Clean. Regular cleanings every other year is the more cost-effective solution. A professional cleaning service can limit the growth of moisture in your mattress that otherwise causes a perfect incubator for insect eggs and larvae. Most mattresses do not see the full length of their expected life. All Green Mattress Clean is the best solution to keeping your mattress in perfect condition year after year. Consider all the time you spend in your bed and how close you are breathing to the fabric and fibers of the mattress. Clean sheets are only on the surface. When you need a good cleaning down to the base, call All Green. We recommend an annual mattress cleaning. This process removes all dead skin cells and particles embedded deep down. The final product will be a spotless and odor free mattress that you will get a much better night’s sleep in. Unlike our competitors, we don’t cut corners. We flip the mattress to clean both sides, ensuring a fully clean mattress in the end. Because we use only naturally derived organic solvents, you will breathe much easier and not have to worry about when any noxious fumes will dissipate. All Green Seattle, Washington understand how a hygienic mattress can improve one’s life and health. That’s why we clean and sanitize both sides of the mattress. Something our competitors rarely commit to. This keeps the mattress cleaner for longer. Your mattress is safe for use the very same night. A mattress cleaning takes about an hour to dry so relax and enjoy almost right after you make the bed again.

Call All Green Carpet Clean Seattle, Washington today to schedule a free consultation for your cleaning your home or office upholstery furnishings. We can perform all the cleaning at your location or at our facility so you will not have to be disturbed. This delivery option is great for smaller offices that can’t take a day off. We have technicians of the highest-skilled for cleaning and use only the finest eco-friendly cleaning alternatives in town. Your fabrics will feel and look cleaner while being more hygienic and safer for the entire household.

All Green Carpet Clean Seattle, Washington is 100% bonded and insured.

If you are looking for the best mattress, leather furniture, and fabric upholstery cleaners in Seattle, Washington than you have come to the right place. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible service to every customer.

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Shaked Megidish

I was running on a budget and I needed to get my carpets cleaned for a low price. I came across all green carpet clean and they have good specials to people who are on a budget. I was able to get my whole house cleaned for a really good price. Not only the price was amazing but the way my carpets looked after they were cleaned was amazing. I would recommend all carpet clean to everyone.

Shaked Megidish

Gowan Patricia

I called Ivan with a bit of an emergency and he was able to come within a few hours. He gave me two hour window and showed up as promised. He did a great job on the bedrooms, hallway and stairs. I highly recommend!!

Gowan Patricia

Thomas Herrison

Great experience to clean my sofa and carpets. I recommend them because they are punctual, professional, fast and affordable. I love the smell and it looks like new!

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